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On November 6, 1924, the Sisters of the Pallottine Missionary Society opened St. Mary's Hospital on a foundation of faith. The sisters built St. Mary's on a set of core values, which can still be seen in the Medical Center's lobby today. From the moment when St. Mary's first opened its doors, the sisters set out to fulfill their mission:

"We are inspired by the love of Christ to provide quality health care in ways which respect the God-given dignity of each person and the sacredness of human life."

And, so began the tradition that is St. Mary's Medical Center. It has been nearly eight decades since the doors were first opened, and during that time, thousands of lay people have joined the Sisters in fulfilling the Medical Center's mission. Along the way, St. Mary's has built on a tradition of faith, a tradition of hope, a tradition of healing and a tradition of service. Most of all, St. Mary's has built on a tradition of care.

Values are the guiding principles for all our actions. They reflect our beliefs and our aspirations, and provide stability in a time of change. At St. Mary's a strong belief in our core values is interwoven into the fabric of our culture. These values reflect what we stand for, what we expect from ourselves and each other, and what we aspire to be.

Because the love of Christ is the motivating force for all we do, we have arranged our core values to His Name:


Each of us at St. Mary's is committed to these values and to making them present in our relationships with those we are privileged to serve, and with each other. Our values will guide us as we continue our tradition of excellence and dedication to heal all we touch.

Each of our values is symbolized by the hands on the beautiful wood carvings in St. Mary's main lobby. These pieces of art will be a constant reminder for us to make our values a reality.


Showing loving concern and understanding for the whole person

Compassion means to feel with; therefore, we try to put ourselves in the place of others and be present to them in their suffering and need. We wish to allow God's compassion to become alive in our words and actions. We strive to reach out to others, touch their lives, and gently communicate love through generous service.


A warm, helpful and welcoming attitude toward all persons

We want everyone coming to St. Mary's to feel at home - welcome, comfortable, cared for and secure. Hospitality calls us to be courteous, welcoming, and attentive to the needs of others.


Respect for the God-given diginity of each person

We believe that all persons are created by God in His image. Human life is, therefore, of extraordinary value and sacred at every moment and stage development. Reverence calls us to treat every person with respect and dignity, and to care for everyone, irrespective of race, creed, age, and socioeconomic status. We wish to care for people so that they become whole and grow into the persons God wants them to be.


Cooperation and collaboration among all members of our health care community

The members of all our departments, as well as trustees and volunteers, strive to work together as a team to make high quality health care a reality. We are committed to maintaining close working relationships and collaborating with physicians, various community agencies and health care providers to meet our community's health care needs.


Responsible use of and accountability for our human, material and financial resources

Resources in health care belong to the Creator. We heal because God heals; have skills because God has created us with the wonderful capacities for learning and inventing. We strive to be good stewards of the gifts and resources entrusted to us and use them to create a healthy community and, within our means, to respond to the needs of the poor through service and advocacy.


Integrity, truthfulness and straight-forwardness in relationships

St. Mary's Medical Center is a place of trust where all who enter find physical, psychological and spiritual security. We strive to respect others' right to privacy, promote confidentiality at all levels and to communicate clearly and accurately what can be expected of us and what we expect of others. We are committed to reflecting faithfulness to our mission, values and policies in the way we perform our healing ministry.